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Chefs Jackets

Call us now on 01244 680187Looking for the right chefs jacket for your business? Uniformity Clothing is a leading supplier of clothing for the catering business and has a wide range of chefs jackets for you to choose from.

Uniformity Clothing appreciates that chefs jackets have to cope with long gruelling days in hot kitchens.  Our chefs jackets are made from materials proven to withstand those conditions. The fabrics used to make our chefs jackets also take into account the need for the wearer's comfort.

Our web site will help you to browse through a range of chefs jackets that fit your needs.

chefs jacketsWe include chefs jackets that are supplied with pockets suitable for holding a pen or thermometer. Also chefs jackets with long or short sleeves and in different types and weights of cloth to fit with your business' requirements.

Some chefs jackets come with contrasting collars and cuffs or with coloured piping down the front of the jacket to give a more distinctive look.

If you consider that chefs jackets are too warm then you might contemplate trying the Staycool jacket range that we at Uniformity Clothing stock. This clothing comes with short sleeves as standard. The garment works in the same way as the best sportswear and keeps your chefs cool, dry and more comfortable.

Many of the chefs jackets come in a choice of colours to suit your establishment. Often the uniform is an important part of creating a co-ordinated look for your team and thereby the image you project to your clientele. To continue with that image we also provide a service that will personalise your chefs jackets with your business logo.

At Uniformity Clothing we recognise that you may need help with sizing.  In some cases we are able to arrange to send out a selection of jackets to help you make that decision and make ordering easier.

At Uniformity Clothing we strive to give all our customers an excellent and professional service.

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