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Nurses Uniforms

Uniformity Clothing is a principal supplier of nurses uniforms and related health wear. We have a wide ranging selection of both male and female nurse's uniforms in a variety of styles.

Nurses uniforms come in various styles and colours for nurses, dental nurses, care home workers, healthcare workers and home carers. The selection includes white nurse dresses, with the choice of contrast piping if wanted, coloured nurses dresses and striped nurses dresses. We can give a choice of zip or stud fastenings on the dresses.

We have a large choice of nurses tunics, which are practical and comfortable to wear. These come in the same selection of styles and colours as the nurses dresses.

Nurses trousers come in a wide choice of colours to match or contrast with the nurses tunics. These are extremely functional and comfortable to wear and come in a comprehensive sizing selection.

Uniformity Clothing has a selection of uniforms for male nurses, dentists and other healthcare staff. The male nurses tunics and trousers come in a variety of styles in white or a range of colours.

Our selection of hospital scrubs is popular with doctors, nurses and vets because of their comfortable and practical styling and fabrics. These scrubs come in many colours and styles.

If you are considering the image of your practice, carehome or healthcare clinic we at Uniform Clothing are able to help personalise your nurses uniforms. Your image in the workplace and general community can be projected by the use of personalised clothing.

We are able to create a first rate embroidery or print of your practice or clinic's logo on to your chosen workwear. If required our experienced team are able to help you to create your own design of logo. A sample of the logo, in the size and colour of your choice, can be despatched to you after agreement on the quotation and payment made on your uniforms. After approval of the product all your ordered uniforms will be personalised.

Whichever nurses uniform, or related health wear you select, you can be certain that the dedicated sales team at Uniformity Clothing will provide an efficient service and offer competitive prices. We pride ourselves on the quality of our clothing and the assistance we give our customers.

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