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White Tunic

Searching for a traditional white tunic? Uniformity Clothing has a wide range of white tunics for the catering trade, beauty and salon professions and health related professions.

The long established image of the chef's white tunic is more than just a uniform. It is an important part of the safety of the chef and has characteristic features that serve a purpose in the environment of a hot kitchen. Our chef's white tunics are made from fabrics confirmed to withstand these conditions. The fabrics used for the tunics and jackets help insulate the chef from the baking heat of ovens and grills, whilst allowing the body's heat to escape.

Many chefs choose white workwear because white is a reflective colour, so helps to keep them much cooler. White cotton can also be bleached, so no matter how dirty the tunic gets it can be restored to its original brightness.

Chef's white tunics or jackets come in a choice of short or long sleeve, side or front fastening, knotted buttons or studs. Cuffs and collars can be made in a contrasting colour that fits your business image. A stylish contrasting stripe can be chosen on a number of these types of clothing. Some tunics or jackets also can be purchased with pen/thermometer pockets.

Uniformity Clothing have an extensive range of white tunics aimed particularly for the salon, beauty, spa and health associated organisations. A number of the tunics have been designed in fabrics, such as, polyester or cotton polyester that will ensure the comfort of the wearer. Other tunics have been created in figure flattering bi-stretch material. These have sculpted necklines, becoming wrapovers and tie backs that glide over the hips.

Our company understands that the white tunics or uniforms you choose help to project your establishment's image and to go along with that image we provide a service that personalises the uniforms you have chosen. We are able use your own logo, or help you to create your own logo and then embroider or print that design on to your tunic or jacket.

In some cases we are able to send a sample of tunics or jackets to help with the decision of sizing, as we understand that correct sizing is important for ensuring the best comfort and look of your staff.

Our dedicated sales team strive towards ensuring that all our clients receive an excellent and efficient service whilst offering competitive prices.

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